Promote Your App

Here's how...

Promoting your App is easy – you just have to do it right. Don't simply tell people to download your App... Tell them why: Your App will help them SAVE MONEY, SAVE TIME, and SAVE the hassle of accessing info via the mobile web.

Tell them about your App on Facebook, on Twitter, on your web site, and on company stationery. Promote your App with signs at checkout counters, entrances and exits, via salespeople and staple a "Download our App for Savings" note to customer receipts.

Remember to promote the BENEFITS of your App's many features (see examples below)

1. SAVE MONEY – with embedded coupons
Paper coupons are easy to forget but customers go everywhere with their mobile phones. Put a "mobile coupon" in your App. They’ll download it to save money. See examples below.

2. SAVE MONEY – with Push Notifications
By arriving directly to your customers' phones, Push Notifications have nearly a 100% viewing rate. Send customers up-to-the-minute discounts & deals. Alert them to new inventory; invite them to events at your store. Send Push Notifications to give customers special perks and VIP status. See examples below.

3. SAVE TIME AND MONEY – with Near Me Alerts
Near Me Alerts are Push Notifications that arrive directly and automatically to customers' phones when they drive near your store. Grab your customers' attention when they're in the neighborhood. Make your coupon not only a money-saving perk but a time-saving bonus too. Available with all Gold and Platinum iPhone Apps.

4. Give them V.I.P. PERKS – Welcome them into your Loyalty Club has added Loyalty Cards to its suite of revenue-generating mobile app features. Our loyalty cards (available for the iPhone in all Gold and Platinum apps) are like punch cards but paperless. Like mobile coupons, they're something your customers don't have to clip or remember to bring to your store. Your loyalty club lives in the App on their phone.

5. SAVE TIME – with an EASY user interface
Don't make your customers work. Get an App that works for THEM.

  • Apps should be EASY to use.
  • Your business should be EASY to access with "one-touch calling"
  • Your location should be EASY to find with GPS-enabled street directions
  • Make it EASY to email you, access your web site, schedule appointments, check inventory, view your social networking sites, scan QR & VIN codes, and watch your videos. Let customers seamlessly and effortlessly do it all within your App.

Offer meaningful features they'll use at - and away from - your business:

QR Code Scanner:
QR Codes are everywhere. Give your customers a snappy QR Code scanner to access info wherever they find themselves.

Parking Marker:
They'll never forget where they parked and when to feed the meter.

Loan Calculator:
A helpful tool for car purchases and other purchases.
Gas Price Search:
Customers save money by finding the most affordable gas stations in town.

Why should you choose WebCenterMobileApps?

  • Track record of success & customer satisfaction
  • 2,000 Apps in the App Stores
  • +400 Apps for Auto Dealerships
  • Feature-rich
  • Easy-to-use
  • Most affordable Mobile Apps on the market:
    Some developers want to charge thousands of dollars. Instead of streamlining mobile Apps into your marketing strategy, they make it complicated & costly. We're different. Our Apps are full-featured, yet clean and efficient. WebCenterMobileApps makes your App a "One Stop Shop," saving you and your customers time and money. Our Apps are effective, easy & affordable.
  • 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Friendly, helpful and accessible customer support
  • Retina Display for the highest resolution
  • We build NATIVE apps that support:
    - Push Notifications
    - Near Me Alerts
    - Loyalty Club Cards
    - One-on-One Customer Chat
    - QR/VIN code scanners
    - and more...


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